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We are PT METRO LOGISTIK INDONESIA so proud to receive the Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) License.

Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) is one of several revolutionary government policies listed in the Economic Policy Volume II that was issued by the Indonesian President in September 2015. At a bonded logistics center imported goods - which can be subject to certain tax incentives - are stored that are later distributed to the industries.

Currently, however, the bulk of goods imported by Indonesian companies are stored in Singapore or Malaysia. This causes logistics costs to rise steeply as storage costs in Singapore and Malaysia are high. So these new PLB operations are expected to reduce logistics and transportation costs and support the growth of domestic industries including small and medium ones, increase foreign and local investment also assist in the development of Indonesia as a logistics hub in the Asia Pacific region.

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Pusat Logistik Berikat (PLB) or Bonded Logistic Center, as one type of Bonded Storage Place. Bonded Storage Place is basically a building, site or area that’s meets certain requirements which is used to store goods for certain purposes and obtains import duty postponement.


Efficiency cost and storage

Efficiency relocation cost

Import Duty and Taxes are not collected until the goods are withdrawn from the PLB Warehouse

Support the growth of domestic Industry including Small & Medium Industries

Increase Foreign and Local Investment

Make Indonesia to Become a Logistics Hub in Asia Pacific

Reduce detention cost (Port Charges)

Minimize dwelling time at the port

Custom monitoring by E-Seal

Reduce Shipping Charges

Stripping Directly at PLB

Simple activities are allowed in PLB Warehouse

Company Profiling

Several Flexibility

Flexibility of Goods Origin

  • From overseas domestic
  • Another Bonded storage area and/or economic area

Flexibility of Activities Permitted

  • Fulfillment document provision restriction when outgoing cargo

Flexibility of Goods Ownership

  • Owned by BLC Operator
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Overseas Supplier

Flexibility of Tax and Custom Facilities

  • The goods can be out partial
  • Import duty & tax partial
  • Tax Incentive


To be the greatest Indonesia Logistics Bonded Center with excellent total solution for all our customers


  • To continually create job opportunities for as many Indonesians as possible.
  • To Encourage the development of labor-intensive industries.
  • To provide accurate, fast, and reliable services.
  • To ensure sustainable and profitable growth that maximizes shareholder value.

PT Metro Logistik Indonesia is your reliable choice
because we are supported by:

Skilled Human Resources
Has been certified ISO 9001:2015
Located in Pakuhaji, Tangerang that can be accessed by container transport or other mode of transport
Spacious space : 32.806 sqm
24 hours security system equipped with CCTV monitoring
Transportation units equipped with E-Seal (GPS Tracking)
Has been implemented IT Inventory System
Advanced and innovative IT Support

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Jl. Raya Kali Baru KP. Sungai Turi RT. 002 RW. 010
Ds. Laksana, Kec. Pakuhaji
Tangerang - Indonesia

Whatsapp: 628111758799

Email: info@metrologistikindonesia.com